Earring Ideas For A Conch Piercing

If you like the idea of getting your ears pierced in several different spots, it's fun to consider what earrings can be a good fit for these areas. There are all sorts of areas to think about getting pierced, but some people like the idea of what is known as a conch piercing. This is a piercing situated toward the inside of the ear, rather than in its lobe or along its outer edge. The right earrings can help to elevate your style when you have a conch piercing in each ear. Here are some earring types that can work well for this particular piercing. 


Cuff earrings are known for their thick style. They're designed to wrap around the outer cartilage of the ear, making them a good option for a conch piercing. If you like the idea of wearing earrings that are large and noticeable, the cuff style will likely suit you. Jewelry stores carry many different cuff earrings, making it easy to find a design that aligns with your sense of style. While some people might like wearing a cuff earring in each of their conch piercings, another option could be wearing a cuff earring in one ear and choosing a different style of earring for the other ear.


Stud earrings work well in many different ear piercings, and a conch piercing is no exception. If you like the idea of wearing smaller earrings in your new piercings, you might lean toward exploring what studs are available at your local jewelry store. Studs come in many different styles. If you want something that really stands out, an earring that features a real or faux gemstone will catch the light and sparkle. For something that is on the subtler side, a stud that has a brushed or matte finish may be preferable.


Another earring style to consider for your new conch piercings is the barbell style. This earring gets its name from its unique appearance, which features a shaft that spans between two balls. People often use barbell earrings in a few different locations on their ears, but having this earring go through a conch piercing can offer the stylish and slightly edgy look that appeals to you. Jewelry retailers typically carry lots of different barbell earrings, so you can find a specific pair that you like.

Shop for these and other earrings for your conch piercings at a jewelry store.

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