Sterling Silver Skull Ring Styles

Stackable, cuff, and eternity bands are three popular jewelry styles. Sterling silver rings that feature a skull motif or caricature can be used to accent any formal and informal clothing that you wear this Halloween season and several other occasions throughout the year.


A stackable ring may feature a delicate design that will not interfere with the layering of other rings. A small skull head that is contained within the setting of a ring may protrude slightly so that the jewelry piece will allow additional rings to fit snugly along the bottom and top of the band.

Some stackable rings lack protrusions that interfere with the simplicity of a stackable ring style. A skull ring that features a relatively smooth surface may contain an airbrushed or engraved skull design, instead of a setting that contains metal prongs, silver attachments, and accent stones. 


A cuff ring is designed to cover a considerable amount of skin that comprises the finger that a ring will be worn on. This type of ring may be perceived as a chunky jewelry type. A skull motif or caricature may contain a lot of detail and color in these types of rings. This could be due to the extra room that a cuff design provides and a jewelry designer's ability to add a larger skull picture. This type of jewelry is popular with both masculine and feminine preferences.

A cuff sterling silver band may resemble a statement piece that will draw a lot of attention. Due to the size of a cuff ring, an individual may decide to forego wearing other jewelry pieces or may select one or two pieces that coincide with a cuff ring. Sterling silver cuff rings will be shiny and complement dark and bright clothing colors.


An eternity band lacks a sizing feature that will allow a wearer to adjust the size of their ring. This type of jewelry is designed to have no end and no beginning. Although an eternity band is similar to a stackable ring, an eternity band may feature a wider and thicker width.

Extra adornments that are attached to a band are usually not common with this ring style. Instead, a ring may feature a smooth sterling silver surface that has a picture painted on it or etched into it. Jewels that are aligned next to each other can also comprise an eternity design. A small skull head that is surrounded by colorful jewels will make an eternity band unique and symbolic of Halloween and other spooky and mystical occasions.

Keep these styles in mind as you begin looking for sterling silver skull rings.

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