Ask These Questions Before You Visit The Wedding Ring Store

Are you newly engaged? Even though the diamond engagement ring is a spotlight piece, you also need to buy wedding bands before your big day. If this is your first visit to the wedding ring store, take a look at what you need to know about shopping for a band.

Do You Want Matching Bands?

Some couples want identical or similar matching bands — while others prefer to choose rings in their own individual styles. Traditional wedding bands match. This means the bands are made from the same metal and have the same or similar appearance.

Even though wedding bands are historically a matched set, you can break from tradition and choose different rings. Some people prefer a wedding ring that fits with their engagement ring or an ornate option that goes beyond a plain band. Others simply enjoy a different aesthetic than their partner. If a mismatched set is the right choice for both of you, each soon-to-be spouse should select their own band. This allows both partners to find the just-right ring to cherish forever.

What Metal Do You Want?

Whether you prefer a matching set or mismatched bands, you need to choose a metal. The type of metal (or types of metals) affects the look, durability, and price of the bands. Popular wedding band metals include traditional yellow gold, modern rose gold, classically elegant white gold, palladium, and platinum.

Some future spouses choose a multi-metal option. If you can't settle on one color of metal or like the look of different hues, consider a braided band. This style combines two, three, or more metals (such as yellow, white, and rose gold) into one ring.

Do You Want to Add Gemstones?

Diamonds don't only belong on engagement rings. Both men's and women's wedding bands can include gemstones. A pavé style setting (from the French, "to pave") looks like a line of small diamonds. This type of ring is a popular pick with soon-to-be newlyweds who prefer the sparkle of gems over the look of a metal band.

A channel setting is another gem-filled style to consider. As the name implies, this type of ring has a slim channel cut into the band. The diamonds (or other gemstones) are set into the channel. While this option may not have the same level of sparkle you might find in a pavé setting, a channel style is often more secure. Instead of prongs, the groove or channel holds the stones in place.

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