Buy Custom Jewelry For Your Wife's Birthday

Selecting jewelry that is custom-designed will tell your wife that you were very selective in buying her birthday present. The gift you select will more than likely depend on two things. Those two things are the amount of money you can spend on the gift and the type of jewelry you know your wife will love.

Less Expensive Custom Jewelry Gifts

If you are on a bit of a tight budget, you can still purchase lovely custom jewelry that your wife will love. For instance, think of buying her a sterling silver chain that has a symbolic charm on it. The charm might be something like a heart to represent your love, a cross to represent her devotion to Christ, a tennis racket to show her favorite sport, or a house that will tell others that her favorite place on earth is her own home.

Maybe you want something more dramatic, yet not too costly.

  • One idea is to buy your wife a ring with a cubic zirconia as the focal point.  
  • Gold-tone or silver-tone hoop earrings with a tiny bird on a limb will be a perfect gift if your wife loves nature.
  • One or more bangle bracelets in different colors will mean she can wear a single bracelet or the entire set.

When You Are Not Limited By A Tight Budget

Obviously, if money isn't an issue, there will be more custom jewelry choices.

​Think of buying your wife an entire set of jewelry. For instance, a sterling silver collar necklace with turquoise and coral stones as part of the design would be a unique gift. Add half-ball sterling silver earrings, a bracelet featuring coral and turquoise stones, and a heavy sterling silver ring to complete the set. Native American artisans who hand make sterling silver jewelry will have those pieces and more for sale.

Perhaps the time has come for you to finally buy your wife a belated diamond engagement ring. If she is wearing a gold wedding band, think of buying a gold band with a solitaire diamond. Or, your wife might love an eternity ring to go with a white gold wedding band. In that case, think of including your children's birthstones along with diamonds in the custom-designed ring. Maybe your wife likes pearls more than she likes diamonds. If so, choose a pearl ring with her own birthstone as part of the design.

If you have a totally different type of jewelry in mind, sketch it out and take your sketch to a jewelry store that has jewelers who can turn your sketch into custom jewelry

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