Three Types Of Halo Engagement Rings That May Catch Your Eye

If you're looking for a unique type of engagement ring to buy your significant other at a local jewelry shop, one style that may catch your eye is a halo style. This type of ring gets its name from the ring of smaller diamonds around the larger diamond. Most jewelry retailers that have various engagement rings for sale have many different halo rings that may appeal to you. One of the nice things about shopping for this type of ring is that there are many different designs that fit within the halo theme. Here are three types of halo engagement rings that you'll want to evaluate.

Different Shapes

You'll quickly notice that halo engagement rings are available in all different shapes. For example, if you favor the idea of a circular diamond, you'll often be able to find rings that have circular halos of smaller diamonds around the perimeter. Similarly, if you're hoping to buy a ring that has a square-cut diamond, square-style halo rings are also available at your local shop. Droplet-shaped diamonds are a popular choice for many people because of their unique appearance, and you'll even find halo rings in this shape.

Double Halos

When you think about a halo engagement ring, you might immediately think of a piece of jewelry that has just a single halo. While this design is most common, you shouldn't be surprised to come across some rings that have double halos—in other words, two rings of small diamonds positioned around the main diamond. This is a design that can cost a little more because of the extra gemstones, but the upside is that this type of ring will offer a lot of sparkle. If you're looking for a type of halo ring that offers even more sparkle, consider one that has accent diamonds placed along the band, too.

Different Colors

If you want to buy a halo engagement ring that has a unique appearance, you might want to direct your focus to finding one that uses different colors. Regardless of their shape and number of halo rings, most engagement rings solely use diamonds. However, you'll occasionally come across two-tone designs. For example, the ring of gems around the diamond could be rubies or another type of colorful stone. Such a design dramatically changes the look of this piece of jewelry. You can even find double-halo designs in which one of the halo rings is one type of stone and the other is a different type of stone.

To learn more about the variety of options for an engagement ring by contacting a quality jewelry shop in your area. 

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