Tips For Buying Jewelry In The Winter

If you're fed up with the winter and are looking for an excuse to get out of the house, a shopping trip to your local jewelry store can be a good idea. Few things can brighten a dreary winter day to the same degree as buying a couple of pieces of new jewelry that you can wear over the winter months. Your jewelry store might even have some products on sale as an incentive to get shoppers out of their homes, which can translate into considerable savings for you. Here are some tips that you should remember as you shop for jewelry in the winter.

Let Your Hands Warm Up

When your hands are cold, they shrink to a small degree. If you enter a jewelry store and immediately begin trying on rings, there's a good chance that your fingers are still slightly shrunken. This can mean that you run the risk of choosing a ring that will be a poor fit once your hands warm up. Once your body gets used to the warmer temperature inside of the jewelry store, your fingers will expand to their usual size. Don't make the mistake of trying on or buying rings until your fingers are toasty warm, as you want to ensure any ring that you buy fits well.

Choose Lots Of Color

The winter months can be gray and many people enjoy fighting back against their drab surroundings by wearing colorful clothing. A bright red coat or a green scarf, for example, can add a pleasant splash of color during the winter. Keep this idea in mind when you shop for your jewelry, too. For example, instead of buying a silver or pewter pendant, look for one that has a splash of color in it. The color could come in the form of a gemstone or it could simply be a couple of small pieces of colored glass.

Consider The Cold

Metal jewelry can become cold to the touch when you wear it on chilly days, which may not be appealing. You can still buy metal jewelry pieces, but consider those that have some other materials. For example, a bracelet that is a combination of metal, leather, beads, and/or fabric can be less cold on your skin than one that is solely made of metal. This is especially important to remember if you're someone who easily feels cold during the winter months.

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If you're fed up with the winter and are looking for an excuse to get out of the house, a shopping trip to your local jewelry store can be a good idea

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