3 Times You Need Professional Jewelry Repair

If you have a stocked toolbox and a few extra pieces of jewelry lying around you can use for spare parts, you might be tempted to take care of your own jewelry repair. However, it isn't always smart to attempt DIY jewelry repair, and venturing into the task without any experience could create more problems than it solves. Here are three times you need professional jewelry repair and how a jeweler's expertise can come in handy.

You've Lost A Stone

Losing a stone can be incredibly stressful, especially if that lost gem was worth a lot of money. However, by working with a professional jeweler, you can learn more about your replacement options, including the types of faux varieties available. Your jeweler can also talk with you about how you want the piece to look when they are finished, giving you the opportunity to alter the jewelry piece to suit your tastes.   For instance, if the diamond falls out of your wedding ring, you could replace it with a real diamond, or you could have your jeweler order a cubic zirconia so the accident doesn't become incredibly expensive. If you want your ring to make a little more of a statement, you could also have your jeweler install a larger cubic zirconia, making the entire repair process fun and interesting.

Welds Were Broken

If a necklace, bracelet, or arm cuff is subjected to enough force, the welds that hold the piece together could be broken, rendering that jewelry piece completely useless. Because you can't very well attach items together again on your own, you may need a professional jeweler to reapply the welds, making the item wearable again.   Professional jewelers can also go through and create welds that will stand the test of time and match the color of the rest of the jewelry, making the item beautiful once again. After you have a piece of jewelry that becomes broken, carefully inspect it to see why it is broken and what needs to be done to correct the problem.

You Need Items Resized

If a ring, watch, or bracelet becomes too small or too large because of your changing body shape, a jeweler can help to resize the items to make them easy to wear again. Rings can be stretched out or cut and rewelded, watches can have links installed or removed, and bracelets can be adjusted to make them fit perfectly.   Remember, while it can be tempting to take on your own jewelry repair, working with a professional is faster, easier, and can save you time and money in the long run. Turn to the experts in your area the next time you experience a broken chain, damaged necklace, worn-out ring, or ill-fitting watch.

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