3 Engraving Changes That A Jewelry Repair Service Can Do For You

For many people, a special engraving on a piece of jewelry makes the piece even more special. Engraving can occur on virtually any type of jewelry, but is especially common on the insides of rings. For example, on a wedding band, you might have the name of your spouse and the date of your wedding engraved onto the metal. Over time, you might want to make some type of change to the engraving. If so, all that you need to do is find a local jewelry repair service. Most repair services will do this type of work for you, so you can drop off your ring, provide instructions, and then pick it up some days later. Here are three engraving-related changes that you might want.

1. Going Over The Engraving

Over time, it's possible for the engraving on a ring to be less evident. The constant friction between your ring and your finger can smooth the inside of the ring, thus making the engraving not as easy to see. While you might not spend a lot of time looking at it to begin with, given its position on the inside of your ring, you may feel as though you want the engraving to be enhanced. The jewelry repair service can go over the original engraving that the ring had to make it stand out more.

2. Removing The Engraving

In other cases, you might want to remove the engraving on a ring. There are a handful of reasons that you might choose to do so. For example, if you've received a ring with an engraving from a significant other, but have since broken up, you might wish to continue to wear the ring because you like how it looks on you. The simplest solution is to take the ring to a jewelry repair service to have the engraving buffed out. Or, if you've bought an engagement ring at a pawn shop that you plan to give to your partner, it may have an engraving from the last owner. You'll want to get this removed before you propose.

3. Changing The Engraving

In some situations, there might be an error with the engraving in a ring that you own. For example, if you have a wedding band with an engraving inside, it's possible that the date could be wrong due to the inattention of the engraver. Even if this happened several years ago, you can get it fixed at your local jewelry repair services.

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