Are You Planning A Special Christmas Birthday For Your Husband?

Is your husband one of those individuals who was born right on Christmas Day? If so, he probably has always had mixed emotions about that. On one hand, it was probably always kind of neat to tell everybody that he was born on what many consider the most wonderful day of the year. On the other hand, he might have often felt a bit slighted. If this is the year that you have decided to plan a special Christmas birthday for your husband, from planning the event to buying a timepiece watch, here are some ideas that might help you.

Put Out The Word - Before things get too busy, think of telling your closest friends and family members that you are hosting a birthday event right on Christmas Day. Consider having the event in the late afternoon or in the early evening, and think of making it an open house event where people can come and go as their own schedules allow. You could send out invitations that you make yourself.

For example, you could have a picture of your husband wearing a Santa hat on the front of the invitation. The caption might read something like, Santa and John Are Celebrating Together! On the inside of the invitation remind everybody that, while the event will be held right on Christmas Day, the party will be centered only on your husband's special day. Hopefully the guests will take this as a big hint to wrap presents in anything but Christmas wrapping paper.

Give A Special Gift - Your husband can probably relate story after story of gifts he's received that had the message, This is your combination Christmas present and birthday present. Well, bah humbug! That's probably not fun for your husband, is it? Think of giving him an extremely special gift, all wrapped up in his favorite color of wrapping paper.

Think of giving him a timepiece watch that has incredible parts to it. For example, you might select a timepiece watch that has a tiny alarm that will remind him when to take his medicine or that will remind him of special meetings. Consider selecting a time piece watch that shows the time of day in different cities, perhaps a city where he often has to go on business or the time where his parents live. Think of selecting a watch band that has a safety clasp on it, too. And, consider giving him a sentimental message along with his new watch. The message might say something like, Time Spent With You Is My Favorite Time!

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