Looking For The Perfect Gift For Your New Baby? How To Choose Their First Piece Of Jewelry

If you and your partner are expecting your first baby and you're looking for the perfect keepsake gift, it's time to start looking at gold jewelry. You might be thinking that gold jewelry is something that you'd get an older child. However, there's no better way to commemorate the birth of your child than with beautiful gold jewelry. There are a wide variety of jewelry options to choose from, and all of them can grow along with your child. Here are three types of jewelry that will make the perfect gift for your new baby.


If you're looking for a traditional jewelry gift to give your baby when its born, turn your attention to a delicate, yellow gold pendant. Gold pendants come in a variety of styles, including hearts, family settings, and even individual names. You can also choose a small gold locket that you can fill with a picture of you and your baby. One of the benefits of choosing a gold pendant is that your child will be able to wear it forever. Simply place the pendant on a larger chain as your child grows up.

Charm Bracelets

If you don't like the idea of a pendant for your baby, a whimsical charm bracelet might be more to your liking. Charm bracelets can be individualized for your child, and you can add new charms to as your child grows up. In fact, you can start a tradition of adding a new charm to the bracelet on their birthday each year. You can also commemorate future milestones, such as first day of school, graduation, and even their eventual marriage. As your child grows up, simply purchase a larger bracelet for them. The charms will remain.


If you're going to be having your baby's ears pierced once they're born, now is the time to choose the perfect pair of earrings for them. Your baby will be able to wear their earrings as a constant reminder of their birth. Once they get too big for their infant starter earrings, you can have the gemstones set into a larger pair of earrings. They can even place them in a jewelry box and save them for their own future baby.

Now that you're preparing for the birth of your baby, don't forget to purchase them their first piece of gold jewelry. Their first piece of jewelry will become a family heirloom that they'll treasure forever.

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