Have A Handcrafted Ring Created For You

Handcrafted rings are highly valued because of their rarity and exclusivity. Companies like TAMARA MICHELLE JEWELRY often create handcrafted one-of-a-kind rings with gemstones and designs that have special meaning for their customers. These handcrafted designs are the ultimate personalization of a ring. Here are some of the ways that you can have a jeweler create a handcrafted ring especially for you:

Wire Knot Rings:  Some jewelers specialize in making handmade rings using classical knots such as Turk's Head knots, square knots, and Celtic knots. These jewelers use gold, silver, brass, and copper wire to tie these knots in hand or on a custom-made tying jig. When you buy one of these knot rings, you place your finger in the center of the hand-tied metal knot and squeeze the wires to tighten it around your finger. This process results in a flexible ring that you can wear comfortably on any finger.

Personalized Rings:  A jeweler can make a handcrafted ring for you and personalize the design by engraving, etching, or stamping designs into the ring. You can request to have your initials, special dates, memorable quotations, and/or name incorporated into the ring. You can also have a jeweler take an impression of your fingerprint in precious metal clay and then use that impression in a one-of-a-kind ring. A photograph of a loved one can also be etched or engraved on a gold or silver medallion and set as the focal point of a ring.

Gemstone Rings:  A jeweler can make a handmade ring for you that incorporates your birthstone or the birthstones of members of your family. You can also request to have a family heirloom gemstone reset into a brand new ring. This ring can be designed around the heirloom gemstone as the focal point of the ring.

Memorial Rings:  Jewelers often make memorial rings for their customers to commemorate the life of a loved one. You can have a ring made that incorporates the cremated remains of a loved one in the metal of the ring. You can also have cremated remains incorporated into glass that is formed into a faceted gemstone or cabochon. This special gemstone can be created in any color then set into a handcrafted ring.

Contact a jeweler and collaborate with him or her on a unique handcrafted ring. An exclusive ring made especially for you can help you to express your creativity while the ring will become a family heirloom. With a bit of creativity, you can wear a unique handcrafted ring with a great story that you will always treasure.

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