Best Essential Oils To Use On A Diffuser Bracelet

If you already use essential oils, you know how useful aromatherapy can be. Essential oils diffused into the air can have positive benefits both physically and mentally. But if you have a busy life and you're constantly on the go, you also know that it can be hard to access the benefits of aromatherapy when you're out and about. A diffuser bracelet can help. This is a bracelet that contains absorbent beads made of clay or lava stone, usually in addition to gemstones. You apply your oils to the absorbent beads, and then the oils diffuse into the air around you as you go about the day wearing the bracelet. It's mobile aromatherapy. Take a look at the best essential oils to use on your diffuser bracelet:

Oils For Energy

What do you need most when you have to spend a busy day outside of your house? Energy can be a good choice – you need plenty of it to tackle the tasks of the day. And with a diffuser bracelet and the right essential oils, you can carry a scented energy boost with you.

If you're heading out early in the morning, try a combination with bergamot and rosemary, both of which promote wakefulness. Bergamot also helps promote confidence, so use it when you have a big challenge to face. If you're worried about the mid-afternoon slump, use peppermint or eucalyptus, which are both stimulating and refreshing. Peppermint can also improve concentration and focus. For some uplifting, positive energy, apply orange or lemon oil to your bracelet. Both promote positive feelings.

Oils For Headaches

A headache can stop your busy day in its tracks. And sometimes, a busy day can trigger a headache. If you're prone to them, or if you know that you won't have time to stop and recover from a headache, wearing a diffuser bracelet with headache-relieving oils can ensure that your day remains productive.

Lavender is well-known for its relaxing properties, and that relaxing effect can help melt away tension headaches. Melissa oil is a great cure for both regular headaches and tension headaches – it helps soothe the nerves in the brain. Roman chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and may be particularly useful for sinus headaches.

Oils for Bug Repellent

If you're spending your day not just out of your house, but actually in the outdoors, you may want to consider using your diffuser bracelet to help repel bugs, like mosquitoes. This can be a great idea for a daytime picnic or an evening garden party – anywhere bugs happen to be.

You've probably heard of citronella. It's often used in bug repellent candles and other devices. Add some citronella to your bracelet to keep mosquitos away. Ants and spiders dislike the smell of tea tree oil, so add that to your bracelet as well. Most insects are also repelled by the scent of lemongrass oil.

There's no reason to leave your aromatherapy at home. With a diffuser bracelet, you can enjoy all the benefits of essential oils wherever you happen to be. Click here for more information on choosing the right essential oil. 

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