Four Things Every Well-Dressed Man Should Own

Fashions come and go; what is trending today won't likely be trending a month from now. Classic, timeless pieces will, however. Every well-dressed man should have these four items in their clothing and accessories repertoire.

A Good Watch

Yes, you can check your iPhone for the time, but you won't look nearly as classy. In fact, if a woman were observing you, she would probably view you as a boy rather than a man. A stylish timepiece will last forever if you choose the right watch. A well-crafted mechanical watch is an intricate work of art, worthy of every penny spent on it. Skip the discount store quartz specials, and head to a jeweler instead. They can help you pick a quality timepiece that will never go out of style, and when someone catches a glimpse of it, you will look both manly and professional.

A Sport Coat

Not every occasion or event requires a full suit, but plenty of events require you arrive in better than average attire. A sport coat allows you to bridge the fashion gap between casual and formal. A navy black, slim fit, polished tweed blazer is ideal; it will go with both a pair of pressed khakis as well as your best denim jeans. This is also the ideal outfit for the businessman who doesn't quite feel comfortable dressing down on non-office days. For an even more sporty look, the classic corduroy blazer with suede elbows is another great timeless option.

A Pair Of Brown Lace-Up Shoes

There is no reason not to invest in quality footwear. If you pick a classic style, it's not like you need to worry about outgrowing them, and if you choose both a traditional design and a superior product, they will last you decades with proper care and the occasional re-sole. Women love shoes, whether it's their own or someone else's. Dress to impress, and hopefully, people will admire your fine Italian leather wingtip oxfords as well as the rest of the package you have to offer.

A Trench Coat

A classic trench coat is a must-have for the well-dressed man. Whether you get it in the traditional camel color or opt for black, navy, or olive, this overcoat can handle everything from formal to casual and still look good. Twill, wool, or cashmere, the choice is up to you- and your bank account. Be sure to buy one that has the optional zip-in liner. This way, you will always be prepared, no matter what the weather gives you. 

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