Three Ways Responsible Jewelry Shops Obtain Merchandise

Fairs, flea markets, and online shops offer a lot of potential to people that want to earn extra money operating their own jewelry business. There is a good market for inexpensive, fun jewelry and consumers often search out the above-mentioned locations for those items. The seller has to always be on the lookout for products that will appeal to their customers and are inexpensive enough for them to earn a profit.  Conscientious consumers also appreciate purchasing items they know are made responsibly and help to benefit craftspeople from all around the world. There are ways to have all of this and to have a vibrant inventory that will draw in customers. 

Look for Fair Trade Certifications

Only purchase from wholesalers that are connected with the Fair Trade Federation. This means the company is dedicated to buying and selling merchandise that is not made in sweatshops. The Fair Trade Federation makes certain the materials used in the manufacturing process are fairly sourced and the assemblers are treated respectfully. They review and approve of the product line from the beginning to the end. Seeing the certification is a fast and easy way for buyers to know they are choosing their wholesale products from a responsible and fair company. 

Buy From Countries in Need

Wholesale options are plentiful online and many of the products available come from parts of the world where the artisans rely on their work to support their families and their villages. Handmade wholesale beaded bracelets from Nepal or handmade wholesale bracelets from India and Africa give shops a multicultural appeal and help people to earn the income they need. There is no shortage of diverse pieces to choose from and supporting these artists helps to encourage more people to become involved. 

Shop for Recycled Jewelry Products

It is not impossible to find some fair trade, recycled wholesale jewelry products. Some examples include recycled cans, paper and wire jewelry from Kenya and recycled glass used in jewelry that is available from overseas suppliers as well as U.S. crafters. Consider also accepting old, broken and unwanted jewelry from customers for recycling to prevent still viable materials from going to waste. The items can be sorted and donated to non-profits that make and sell jewelry for a variety of charities or simply recycled locally if necessary. 

Purchasing responsible fair trade wholesale jewelry does not have to mean spending a lot more. In fact, many wholesale suppliers have products that offer very reasonable rates for attractive and desirable jewelry. The effort to stock shelves carefully also helps to spread the word and makes consumers more aware of how every purchase matters. 

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