Understanding The Importance Of Regular Jewelry Cleanings

If you have a prized piece of jewelry, such as an engagement ring, wedding ring, or even a set of special earrings, it's important to have them professionally cleaned and inspected. Ideally, this should be done a couple times per year, but this can vary depending on the type of jewelry and the material. There are many benefits of having these regular inspections done; if you're not bringing your jewelry in for professional cleanings and inspections regularly, now is the time to start!

Maintain Your Warranty

If your jewelry came with a warranty from the jeweler, there's a good chance you need to have these cleanings done at least twice a year in order to even maintain your warranty. Your jeweler will keep a log of your inspections and should also provide you with a copy. So long as you keep up with these, your jeweler should take care of any problems or damage that may arise from wear and tear over the years at no charge to you. Most jewelers who offer warranties also include these inspections free-of-charge.

Remove Build-Up

It may be gross to think about, but jewelry (especially rings and earrings) accumulate a great deal of dead skin cells and other "debris" through regular wear. This is especially true with wedding and engagement rings that are worn daily, as they can also accumulate build-up and residue from lotions and other skin care products. Having your jewelry cleaned will remove this build-up, which will help your jewelry look its best.

Avoid Damage and Lost Stones

Perhaps most importantly, regular inspections help protect your jewelry from damage that can lead to the need for expensive repairs. This is especially true in jewelry that has stones, such as diamonds. During an inspection, your jeweler will take a close look at the prongs and settings holding the stones in place to make sure nothing is coming loose or damaged. This can save you from potentially losing an important stone that can cost thousands of dollars or more to replace. Still, if you have an expensive piece of jewelry, it's never a bad idea to have it insured.

These are just a few of the main benefits of jewelry cleanings. Aside from keeping your jewelry looking its best, these routine appointments can protect you from expensive jewelry repairs and keep your warranty valid at the same time. Talk to a professional at businesses like C & L Gold & Diamond Brokers for more info.

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